Are you interested in Halloween Antiques or Collections? Are you looking to browse and purchase Halloween collectibles? Do you have old Halloween item that you would like to have looked at or appraised? The National Halloween Convention is gearing up just for you!

We are proud to announce that we will have both antiques and antique style amazing arts and crafts in our Artist's Alley section featuring Spookytime Jingles. Each year this section has been getting larger and larger so look for many more suprises and wonders from all around this country at this event.

Indrani Sen
Claire Lavin, Director of Antiques & Appraisers
We are REALLY looking to expand the Halloween Antiques section into a complete Antiques Alley of their own called : The Village of Halloween.

Our goal is to have 15-25 vendors of antiques in 2010. If you are a potential Halloween Antiques Seller or Appraiser, please contact Claire at the email address or call 215-663-9523 to find out more information or get onboard with us!

Claire M. Lavin is a recognized authority, author, lecturer, dealer and appraiser in the field of vintage Halloween collectibles. Having collected for over 40 years (which started way back in grade school), she has amassed a premier privately held collection. Her endeavors have been showcased on Martha Stewart Living TV, the Pinky Kravitz TV Show, Good Morning on CN8, the Collectible Intelligence Show on DISH Network, an exhibitor at the Atlantique City Show in Atlantic City, New Jersey, guest speaker at the Pennsylvania Auctioneers Convention, and a freelance writer for The Antique Trader, the P.A.C. (the Paper & Advertising Collectors' Marketplace), and Antiques & Auction News along with speaking engagements too numerous to list.