Package FAQs

1. Are any organizations guaranteed a Fan Club Package?
Any Fan Club may fill out an application for attendance. Keep in mind that participation and conduct during the course of the convention helps in choosing future participation. Each application is reviewed carefully before an acceptance or denial can be sent out. If at first your organization is not accepted, fear not! You be put on a waiting list in case we have any cancellations or end up with more room.

2. What is offered with my Fan Club Package?
Your organization will receive a FREE 10’ x 10’ floor space (a $350 value)! Upon arrival at the convention (after check-in with registration) you can pick up a floor map and find the Fan Club area. Each organization space will be marked with blue painter’s tape and a display indicating the organization to be placed within each area.

3. Does the Fan Club Package come with tables and chairs?
No. The convention center charges booth spaces for areas occupied with convention chairs / tables. Your organization would need to bring your own tables, chairs, and wastebaskets, however, if your organization would be interested in renting such accessories at a discounted rate please email Mike@nationalhauntersconvention to get further instructions.

4. What makes this event special for Fan Clubs like ours?
That is a very good question. We can’t think of a better way to get into the spirit of apple-bobbing, trick-or-treating, haunted houses, spooky tours, and of course dressing up in costume, than to celebrate with all of you! The best part is that if you come celebrate these festivities with us, you can set up shop for FREE and let us help you promote your organization.

5. Can I sell merchandise at my table?
Absolutely! The only thing we ask is that you still items specially related to your organization. Any product being sold as a violation of the above will be requested to be removed. Any further requests beyond this warning to remove non-organizational products from the show floor may include expulsion from the convention and possibly effect future participation at events.

6. Is any merchandise forbidden?
We do not censor our vendors from selling their products, we encourage it! Yet, because this is an all-ages event we ask our vendors to use some discretion [especially at a child’s eye level] when setting up displays for any materials that may be viewed as controversial or explicit. The National Haunters, Halloween, Horror, & Hearse Convention does not permit the selling of merchandise that is deemed as a copy / bootleg / pirated material. Any organization found in violation of this policy will be asked to leave the convention for the weekend.

7. Does the Fan Club Package include electricity?
The convention center charges per wattage used, however, if your organization is interested in purchasing electricity for the weekend, please send an email to Mike@nationalhauntersconvention for information on receiving electricity at a discounted rate for your area.

8. Does our organization receive any complimentary admission or tickets to the Show Floor, Haunters Tour, or Costume Ball?
The Thursday before the opening of the show floor is a set up day. There is an informal “meet and greet” afterward (usually in the evening) that is FREE, however, if the members of your organization would like to receive passes for the organization they can purchase them at a discounted rate of $10.00 for the weekend. All we ask is that you please email a copy of the full name of the persons planning on attending and the organization they will be attending with. As the members of your organization “check-in” at the Registration booth, they will be asked to present a photo I.D. for verification purposes and be able to purchase their passes at this time. Furthermore, if your organization is interested in attending the Haunted Tour, Costume Ball or other Convention events, you will need to purchase these items at the standard price.

9. Are any organizations allowed to host seminars or put on stage performances?
If this is something your organization is interested in we may be able to accommodate. It cannot be guaranteed since the prime and most available spots are given to paid vendors, however, feel free to email the Fan Club Liaison with your inquiry and the information regarding your organizations performance or seminar and we can make further arrangements at that time.

10. Are any Fan Clubs allowed to bring large “eye candy” displays to the convention (e.g.: TARDIS, Batmobile, Ghostbuster Car, etc)?
If your organization has a large display or vehicle they would like to bring to the convention floor, please email your inquiries to the Fan Club Liaison. Further arrangements will be made at that time.
If you have any additional questions please contact the Liaison for Fan Tables at Mike@nationalhauntersconvention