How much is it to enter our items in the NHC competitions at theHaunters Lair, we didn't see any costs listed? You didn't see any costs because the Haunters Lair contests are ALL 100% FREE to enter, simply sign up online and enter as many as you like. You can view them all here!

Is the Convention Show Floor Pass good for only 1 day?
No, the Show floor pass is good for the entire length of the convention (1, 2 or 3 days depending on how long the show floor is open). You are only purchasing a pass for one day, but it allows you the bonus of letting you attend as many days as you want with the same pass.

Is there an Age requirement or restriction for the Convention Show Floor?
There are NO Age restrictions to the Convention Show Floor (Children are invited). However, please keep in mind this is a Halloween and Horror Show. Therefore, you will see lots of props and products that are both very bloody, gory, and disturbing, so we wouldn't recommend bringing a 4 year old child for example (unless his name is Chucky). In addition, we aim to run a very professional Halloween & Haunted House Show, so you will see some of the most amazing props and products from the Halloween and Movie industry. We are family friendly, and thus, we do not have any vendors that focus on adult oriented materials so everyone is welcome to our convention!

Is there an Age requirement or restriction for the Costume Ball?
There are NO Age restrictions to the Costume Ball on Saturday night. However, please keep in mind that some of the greatest costume designs and makeup artists in the country will be at this event so you will see very professional and also disturbing costumes which might not be appropriate for younger children. You are welcome to wear costumes of any kind, and any theme, so dust off those old Halloween outfits! There is a bar at this event, but the Bartender knows to card those when appropriate.

How are you different from other shows? I've been to many of these 'celebrity' shows, they are so crowded and I've seen everyone already, why should I come to your show!
What makes us different from all the other Halloween or Horror Celebrity types of shows is that we are a professional convention center event, not a hotel show. The rooms and floor of our convention have very large ceilings (23 feet to 45 feet).... so you are going to get a chance to see some amazing props and items that are very large used in professional haunted houses and dark attractions around the country. Thus, we are not a celebrity show, and you do not have people pushing you to buy their wares or get a photo. In addition, it is a much more spacious environment and thus you won't be stuck in a crowded hotel space; you will have plenty of room to walk around and enjoy the show floor. In addition, the other events are more of a local event...here we will be bringing and flying in people from around the country who are experts in the Halloween, Horror and Haunted House fields to help teach and present to you. In addition, we are all huge fans of Halloween and Horror ourselves, so all the live entertainment on the show floor is free...we are even bringing in Gothic Illusionists and Magicians from around the country. Our classes vary from making your own statues or carving foam, to learning the tricks of acting and even doing your own makeup. Our goal is a great experience for everyone and the largest Halloween event on the east coast.