Make Up War

2012 Make Up War Makeup Costume Contest NHC Make-up Halloween

Winning this event is a testament of your talent. Through the innovative use of your materials, you created a creature that not only surpassed your peers at the competition, but also rivaled the work of many professional artisans within the horror/haunt industry.

1st Place 2011 Winners
Best in Show: Anatomy fx

Best in Class studio/school: Jennifer Burns and Coven Delacruz

Best in Class pro haunt: Wendy, Britt, Caitlin Dick, Dawn McKechnie

Honorable mention: TBA

1st Place 2010 Winners
1st place: Journey Haunted Trails
2nd place: Shockfootage FX

1st Place 2009 Winners
1st place: Journey Haunted Trails
2nd place: Darkwood Manor

1st Place 2008 Winners
1st place: Eastern State Penitentiary
2nd place: Darkwood Manor

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Make Up War

Gravely MacCabres Monster Makeup Challenge

This is a contest to promote and encourage creativity, ingenuity, and artistry, using the most favorite of traditional Halloween Skills, MAKEUP. I hope to reward those that can think on their feet, and have a wide range of skills.

Here’s how this will work.

3:00 all events end on stage to reset for makeup event
3:30 Gravely will intro the event, and then announce the SURPRISE theme that all participants must adhere to for their competition piece
3:45 Teams will get 15 minutes to prepare/sketch/plan, as well as select extra pieces/supplies from the community table
4:00 The competition starts
5:15 The competition ends
5:30 Awards handed out

And now, here are the rules on how we will do all this

1.) The competition is open to everyone. Amateur and professional alike.

      3 divisions have been set up with the hopes that people of different skill levels feel comfortable in entering,

      Teams will be placed into 1 of these 3 divisions

      1 Home/Hobby Haunter ---Gather your friends and put together a team

      2 Pro Haunt Team --- Represent your haunt

      3 School /Studio --- Throw down and show us what you can really do

Each team should be registered in advance under a "team name", Teams are limited in size to 4, with the model being one member of the team.

A best in Class award will be given in each division, as well as a Best in Show.

Best in show can come from any of the three divisions and win the B.A.T ( Big A$$ Trophy)

There will be 12 spaces available/ 4 in each division.

Teams are encouraged to pre register for the spaces. Once a division is full, teams will be put on a waiting list. 2 weeks before the convention, if divisions aren’t full, those spaces will go to any division with a waiting list

The goal is to make sure we have 12 teams, no matter what division they are in.

Do not sandbag the competition. If you are a school graduate, and enter in the home haunt division and we find out, we will kill you. Emotionally, professionally and on the damn chat boards if not for real. Play Fair

You CAN register at the convention IF spaces are still available

EVERYONE must check in at the castle blood sales booth by 2pm Saturday so we know you are there and still competing

2.) Competitors will be allowed to enter 1 model only (male or female) per team. Models must be a living person. No mannequin or prop heads allowed. No other living creatures allowed. (i.e. No real parrot to complete a pirate costume,and no, that’s not theme )

3.) Models will arrive without any makeup above the collarbone.

4.) Makeup may be applied by any member of the team who are allowed into the contest area during the competition. ALL members of the team must be registered prior to the event under the team name. Each team may include as many as 3 people plus your model. You may however have less than that, and if you want to enter alone, with just a model, that is perfectly fine

5.) Each team should bring a full and complete makeup kit with them. Appliances however, store bought or custom made are NOT allowed. This means anything you could buy at a shop, mail order, or online is NOT allowed. This is a contest of skills, and not how much money you can spend to be pre prepared. Please DO bring traditional 3-D materials such as nose putty, latex, derma wax, cotton, collodian etc..All the things a well stocked haunt kit should contain. Never know what you’ll end up needing. Since the theme is a surprise, the community table will be stocked with some items that will be appropriate. Hogging too much and not using it, as to hurt other teams, will count against you in the judging. So be fair.

6.) The makeup, will be judged at the end of the permitted time, finished or not

7.) The contestants will be judged by a select group of Knowledgeable Halloween and Haunted House professionals

9.) The decisions of the Contest Judges are and will be final. In case of a “TIE” the Chairman will make the final decision to break the tie.

10.) Contestants may be disqualified for:

A. Not adhering to classification guidelines.
B. Not adhering to all of the Makeup Competition Rules, Conditions, Terms and Regulations.
C. Being socially disruptive.
D. Using a trademarked or licensed character. This contest is for originality

The Competition Judges and the Chairman of the Makeup Competition will determine all disqualifications.

NOTE: If something goes wrong and you have a problem during the competition, notify one of the Judges or the Competition Officials and they will assist you where they can.

For more information and to register your team, Please contact me at:

Thanks so much,

Ricky Dick

Aka Gravely MacCabre