Vendor Rewards

"Professionalism is key. The genre of Halloween is perceived as all 'fun and games' by the public; however, for us, it is a professional job, a business and a way of life. Our standards in business, our standards in the industry, and our standards in our conventions should reflect that."
- Robert Kocher, The Village of Darkness

"We should do more to support our vendors! Think about it, when you buy something cool, its like having artists and craftsmen working on your haunted house to make it better! They may be in another state, but it is as if they were working right next to you."
- Ben "Dr. Speculo" Armstrong, NETHERWORLD Haunted House

"The National Halloween Convention feels that the VENDORS are a very important part of the Haunt Community. If we have professional and thriving vendors, then we have a great show for both the public and the Haunted Attraction operators to enjoy.

- It is our vendors who help drive innovation.
- It is our vendors who further the path of creativity.
- It is our vendors who help us achieve our goals with our annual Halloween & Haunt Projects

NHC Chips

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our many vendors, and we look forward to seeing you at our convention for many years ahead as we rapidly expand and grow. Our Vendor rewards program includes incentives such as a $5 Poker Chips program in which those Chips are given to the patrons of the convention. These poker chips will be handed out for various games and prizes and events and can be treated the same as cash. At anytime during the event, simply turn in the poker chips to any management staff member for the cash. Our chips help give the patrons of the convention incentive to spend more money with you, the vendors. We thank you for considering our show and look forward to seeing you at our event!


Robert Kocher & Michael Bruner
Founders of the National Haunters Convention, LLC.